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Coaching has become a “buzzword” that is applied to several types of helping professions including consultants, mentors and teachers. All these methods have one thing in common, they include the “telling” of information. However, information itself does not change anything, only action elicits change. In addition, most people agree they already know more than they put into practice.

AG Coaching is dedicated to developing leadership ability by emphasizing a different art of coaching. Our emphasis focuses on raising leadership levels by helping people (1) discover insights already within them, and (2) decide how they will put that knowledge into action. AG Coaching offers training in the eleven coaching competencies of the International Coach Federation and, for those interested, certification as a trained coach. We encourage you to review the content of this site to learn more about our coaching services.

Please contact us with any questions. The AG Coaching Task Force stands ready to help you learn more.

Arden Adamson, MA, ACC

AG Coaching Task Force Leader