501 | Introduction to Coach Training

This course provides the basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching. Topics covered include: core coaching skills, coaching conversation model, the biblical basis for coaching, how coaching is distinct from counseling and mentoring, and how you can use coaching in your ministries or workplace. You will finish the course ready and able to use coaching at a basic level. NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for all additional coaching classes.

Next 501 Trainings:

501 Foundations for Christian Coaching
Dates: September 29th & 30th

Location: The Oaks Fellowship

Coach Training: $200/Person

Trainers: Drs. Sam & Vicki Farina

Registration: CLICK HERE to register online. 

Contact: 214.376.8208

501 Foundations for Christian Coaching:

Dates: Oct 5th & 6th

Location: Springfield, MO

Trainer: Mary Selzer

E-mail: mselzer@coachingforward.net

501 Foundations for Christian Coaching:


Dates: Starting October 26, 2017

Schedule: Thursdays, 9am-11am Pacific TimeOnline

Sessions: 6 weekly sessions

Trainer: Amy deVries

E-mail: amyd@coachamydevries.com

CLICK HERE to register online