What Leaders are saying about coaching...

"Every once in a while a leader picks up a tool that changes how they lead. The training received from the cohort had a profound effect, in both my leadership and my personal life. Don’t wait, make the investment in your future!"  

Rev. Jason Tourville, Mechanicsburg, PA | Level 2 AG Advanced Coach

"Training with AG Coaching has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The cohorts offered provide a rich greenhouse in which to learn from certified mentor coaches. Being able to listen & learn online, discuss and then practice the skills with two or three peers, provided an exponential learning experience for this kinesthetic/visual learner. To hold certification with AG Coaching gives my clients the confidence that they are in the hands of a competent coach. Thank you AG Coaching!" 

- Tammy Young, Sarasota, FL | Level 3 AGPC Coach | ACC - Int'l Coach Federation

10 reasons to hire a coach

Get Unstuck and Find Motivation

Without a doubt the best thing a coach can do for you is help get you unstuck. We can get in our own way a lot, and spend a lot of time in our head. So you need someone to pull you out of the funk. No matter how much self-motivation you might have, it seems nearly impossible to yourself to keep going. That outside push from a coach is what you need to get moving and get going. Even if it’s a confirmation of what you were already thinking, a coach can give you that extra jolt you’re looking for.